Friday Five: 5 Ways to Track Domains With Our New & Improved Watch List

Robyn Norgan
Dec 5, 2013

As you may know, we offer a domain watch list. You can find it in your Dynadot account along the top summary bar. Using our watch list was a great way to track domains listed for sale in our marketplace as well as expired domains in our auctions - and it still is, but now you can track even more!

Our new domain watch list tracks any domain and our system will let you know when a domain:
  1. goes from registered to unregistered
  2. goes from unregistered to registered
  3. it enters our marketplace
  4. it enters our expired auctions
  5. it is available to backorder

Here is an example of a few domains I'm keeping an eye on in my watch list (click the image to make it larger):

Domain Watch List - Dynadot

There are many reasons to keep a domain watch list. For businesses, keeping a watch list of possible domains that include your name can help you take action early when a domain with your name is registered (though we recommend you use your judgement on whether or not you should just preemptively register those domains yourself). For domain investors, it can help you keep an eye on domains that you are interested in bidding on or one day owning. And for anyone, it can help you get the domain you want as soon as it's put up for sale or released.

Personally, I wanted to keep an eye on a few fun domains I saw, but haven't decided to commit to yet. I also want to keep an eye on in case it's ever up for registration, so I can one day take it over (cue evil laugh). Finally, I added a few of the fun holiday-themed short links that I featured in a recent blog to see if anyone actually decided to buy them!

Try out our new and improved domain watch list for yourself today! Happy Friday!

Post by Robyn Norgan