Sell Your Property With .IM Domains!

Justin Narayan
Dec 23, 2013

.IM is becoming known as a great domain extension for many industries, especially in the real estate industry. In the French language, "IM" is short for the word "immobilier", which means property. "IM" is short for "immobilien" in German and "immobiliare" In Italian, which means real estate. .IM domains are great for advertising property, especially in countries like Germany and France. Whether you are selling a home in Paris or land in Berlin, .IM tells the viewer that you have property up for grabs.

Real estate companies and real estate agents, along with many others, are using .IM because it provides the opportunity for short and memorable domains. .IM has great name availability compared to other domains. Since you can register one, two, or three letter .IM domains, you can register your own custom short link on .IM as well! .IM allows you to set yourself apart by having a short, catchy, and memorable domain. .IM is showing steady growth, so protect your online identity and brand reputation by registering your .IM domain before someone else does!

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Post By: Justin Narayan