Make Your Letter to Santa Shorter With a Custom Short URL

Robyn Norgan
Dec 4, 2013

Santa may be making a list, but he'll have to check it more than just twice if your list includes links like this one:

Santa Letter Amazon Link Custom Short URL

Luckily, there are some great tools out there to help you shorten your links and save Santa any confusion. Some of the most well-known tools include,,, Snipurl,, and more. Many of these tools include tracking, so you can see how many clicks your links receive, as well as the option to use your own custom short URL.

If you run through your Twitter feed, you'll notice that several companies use their own custom short URL. Some examples include: Facebook's, Time's, Gap's, Virgin America's, Business Insider's, Netflix's, and many more. We even have our own that we use on our social media accounts. Registering a custom short URL can be a great way to help brand your company. With so many long links on websites, using a shortening service can help make social posts look more professional, and using your own custom short URL will ensure customers know the link they're clicking on is trustworthy (sometimes you have to be careful clicking on unknown short links - find out how to safely preview them first).

But custom short URLs aren't just for companies. Anyone can own them and they can help create a personal brand online too. Personally, I own I decided to buy my own short URL because I think they're fun and creative and since I'm in the domain industry, I figured why not. If you're trying to create a personal brand online, consider registering a fun short URL that reflects you and/or your current website. Registering your own short URL gives you a chance to get creative and find the right combination of letters, numbers, and domain extensions for you.

In case you need a few fun ideas to get those creative juices flowing, here are a few holiday themed short URLs that I put into a little holiday story. They just happen to all be available now, so click on your favorite to add it to your 'stocking' before someone else does!

Let me be your holiday guide ( and take your for a joyride ( with Santa ( or and his reindeer ( in his garland ( sleigh ( You'll feel the yuletide ( and want to celebrate ( when you hear the people exclaim ( as they watch their Christmas Man ( go by. Then, you'll want to be with us ( as we sing fa la la la la (, drink hot brew (, and eat nougat ( on this grand holiday (

The letter to Santa pictured is by Zack Poitras and was orginally posted on

Post by Robyn Norgan