Friday Thirteen: 13 Weird Phobias You've Probably Never Heard of!

Kathleen Borg
Dec 13, 2013

Friday the 13th is infamously known for its bad luck and superstitious beliefs. It is so ingrained in pop culture that people flat-out refuse to fly, make business deals, or get married on this fateful day. Just for fun here's a list of 13 weird phobias you've probably never even heard of!

1. Pharmacophobia: Fear of Taking Medicine
If you've got pharmacophobia, getting sick is probably something you want to avoid. This fear would make visits to the doctors almost unbearable!

2. Heliophobia: Fear of the Sun
Like vampires, heliophobes, will do almost anything to avoid sunlight. People with an unreasonable fear of the sun often exhibit some bizarre behaviors, such as covering their windows and wearing protective clothing if they need to go outside.

3. Lachanophobia: Fear of Vegetables
Getting your kids to eat their vegetables is every adults biggest task, but for lachanophobes, it is still a struggle trying to consume these healthy foods.

4. Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of Your Mouth
PB&J fans likely don't have this condition: the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth. It sounds a little crazy, but you have to admit- it is a little frustrating when it happens!

5. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words
If you're ailing from this weird condition, you are afraid of long words. Pretty ironic considering the fact that the phobia itself is a mouthful. It's only normal to feel overwhelmed when you come across a word you aren't a hundred percent sure on how to pronounce!

6. Linonophobia: Fear of String
I'm not sure how they play with yo-yos because Linonophobes have a fear of string. They usually have no problem wearing clothes, but shoes with laces may be a problem. They may prefer leather and slip on shoes.

7. Enochlophobia: Fear of Crowds
If you're terrified of crowds to the point where you feel as if you're potentially exposing yourself to deadly diseases or forever being lost in the middle of chaos, then I would avoid concerts and mosh pits at all costs.

8. Xanthophobia: Fear of the Color Yellow
Every other color is fine, but xanthophobia means having a fear of the color yellow. What's even more interesting is that sea turtles suffer from xanthophobia more often than humans do.

9. Aeroacrophobia: Fear of Open High Places
Those with aeroacrophobia tremble and sweat at the sight of vast open views from mountaintops, cliffs, and other high-altitude perches. I'll assume the Grand Canyon isn't your destination of choice.

10. Hylophobia: Fear of Forests
After childhood, most of us stop worrying about possibly getting lost in the woods leaving us stranded in the mercy of evildoers. However, for an unlucky few, even a short hike in the forest could spark horrible images of wild animals and serial killers hiding behind every tree.

11. Agrizoophobia: Fear of Wild Animals
Many sufferers can’t go to a zoo, own a pet, or even watch a nature show without being overcome by terror. And for some, even small, relatively harmless creatures have the power to bring on the willies.

12. Limnophobia: Fear of Lakes
Most of us think of lakes and envision swimming, picnicking, and sailing. But for an unfortunate few, the thought of sticking even a toe in the water or sitting lakeside brings on the shudders.

13. Paraskavedekatriaphobia: And lastly, Fear of Friday the 13th.
Paraskevidekatriaphobia, in case you didn't know already, is the morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Today, for the second time in exactly 13 weeks, many who suffer from its symptoms won't be venturing far.

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Post by Kathleen Borg