Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving and Create YourFamilyName.US!

Kathleen Borg
Dec 9, 2013

Today may be Christmas Card Day, but this holiday season you can save money on postage stamps and start a new family tradition! Instead of wasting your precious time and money sending out typical holiday cards and generic greetings, why not personalize your message on your custom family domain!

Let's face it, paper cuts are never a fun experience- especially when they end up on your tongue. So forget about licking those nasty tasting envelopes and convert your family and friends from paper wasters to tree huggers. YourFamilyName.US is an environmentally friendly approach and the perfect alternative to efficiently share all your precious family photos not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

Establishing YourFamilyName.US could be the start of something great and last for generations to come! With your very own family domain you can keep your family up to date on all your recent activities and create albums accordingly. For some of us who don't have the option to see family members face to face as frequently as we would like, photos are a great way to record our experiences and share these moments with others. Whether it's the birth of a newborn baby, a child's first birthday, or your annual Christmas photo- these are the moments we wish to remember for years to come. So do you and your family a favor and give the gift that keeps on giving!

Your newly founded family domain will forever preserve your treasured photos, so you'll never worry about where your precious holiday cards end up after the new year. Plus, you and your loved ones will be able to access these keepsakes on the go! Whether it's on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone- you can visit YourFamilyName.US from any wireless device and bring these images back to life instead of storing them away in forgetful places you'll hardly ever reach for.

Register your .US now for just $5.99! For those of you already in possession of a .US domain but are not currently registered with Dynadot- I suggest you take advantage of today's December Daily Deal because .US transfers are on sale for just $6.50 with promo code 9CARDUS! Act fast because our promotion ends 12/9/13 23:59 PST and our sale ends 12/31/13 23:59 UTC.

Post by Kathleen Borg