Why .IM is Right for You!

Kathleen Borg
Nov 26, 2013

What is .IM?

.IM is the country code domain extension for Isle of Man, which is an island situated between the coastlines of England and Ireland. With an estimated population of 84,497, it ranks as the 44th most populous country in Europe, which means .IM domains are a great choice for local and international companies wanting to represent their business or personal websites inside or outside the Isle of Man territory.

Who Can Register .IM?

Another great feature about .IM is that there are no special restrictions for registering a .IM domain. Companies, organizations, and private individuals all have the ability to become a part of this domain registry and contribute to the .IM community.

Why Choose .IM?

You can register your own .IM domain and create a professional web page, personal website, blog, or an online portal to demonstrate the connection to this region or create your own useful .IM abbreviated meaning. Thinking outside of the Isle of Man country code domain extension, .IM can be abbreviated to represent a number of acronyms. One example I thought was pretty unique was using .IM to feature a website relating to Instant Messaging. Think of all the fun short Instant Messaging acronyms you could possibly feature as a new domain. This is such an interesting idea that it could spark up various types of interactions and conversations amongst other web users.

Is your name under .COM and .ME not available? No worries, you can try searching your FirstandLastname.IM as an alternative for your personal domain website. As we all know, .COM and .ME domains are getting more and more scarce, which makes domain shopping an obstacle in itself. It's important to pursue a domain that quickly markets your website without the confusion of a long and lengthy domain name.

Still not convinced .IM is the domain for you? Try a healthier approach! Health and fitness are extremely important topics that relate to a large number of individuals so why not integrate the .IM domain to represent words or phrases that end with the words slim or trim?! For example,,,,, and are just a few .IM domains that are currently on the market. Whether your blogging about tips and tricks on how to stay in shape or promoting your newest line of protein shakes, a website with a .IM extension could help you easily reach your target audience and give a professional look to your webpage. Not to mention January is the perfect time to start your New Year's resolution, and creating a .IM domain could be a great way to track your progress or help others track theirs!

Trying to save money this holiday season? Well, .IM is on sale for $8.99 but only for a limited time*, so take advantage of our promotional pricing and start building your .IM domain today!

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Post by Kathleen Borg