Cyber Monday Online Shopping Safety Tips

Kathleen Borg
Dec 2, 2013

If you didn't make a trip to your local shopping mall last Friday, it's probably for a number of good reasons- crowded parking lots, long checkout lines, and unnecessary purchases- just to name a few. However, thousands of anticipated shoppers patiently awaited the opening of store doors beginning as early as Thanksgiving day just to be sure they would walk away with the best deals on all the items on their shopping lists. Luckily, there's an easier approach to saving not only money, but time as well-thanks to the Internet!

This may or may not be news to you but the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend is online shopping heaven, traditionally known as Cyber Monday. December 2nd (today) is this year's official online shopping day and sales are projected to be record high. With the internet being so readily available, customers are utilizing their resources, researching products, and taking advantage of free shipping. As a result of this, retailers adapted to newly found consumer behavior by establishing an online presence, which in return created an additional marketing tool for retailers to leverage products and promotions.

Why Shop Online?

Cyber Monday comes across as a huge savings opportunity for consumers. The convenience of online shopping is at your fingertips 24/7 and in most cases free shipping is offered as an incentive during the holidays to compete with other retailers. One of the best features about online shopping is the ease and accessibility of price comparison. Within a matter of seconds, you can create a side by side comparison between multiple retailers carrying a specific product. Online shopping also gives consumers the ability to read previous customers' reviews who've had firsthand experience with a particular product or retailer. So take advantage of all the awesome online sales and promotions while they're still here!

Cyber Safety

Although shopping online gives consumers the option to avoid large crowds, it also exposes the buyer to possible attacks from scammers and hackers. To help protect you from any unwanted theft I've put together a list of online shopping safety tips to assure your purchases arrive without damaging your identity this holiday season:

Pay with Credit not Debit

If possible, use a credit card to pay for any online purchase. The reason for this is because your debit card is directly linked to your bank account, while credit cards are in a pending state and have set limits to protect you from identity theft.

Keep a Paper Trail

Print out a hard copy of all your online transactions, including the product description, price, and any e-mails you and the seller sent one another. Double check your credit card statements as soon as you receive them to confirm that all the charges are legitimate. If you see any unauthorized charges, contact your credit card company immediately.

Use Strong Passwords

If a retailer requires you to create an account, make sure you use a strong password. For security it's suggested to use at least eight characters, with a combination of numbers, special characters, and upper and lower case letters. Also, never share your login and password information. Check out our secure password tips blog for more information!

Don't Use Public Wireless

For your own protection, try not to use public computers or public wireless to complete your online purchases. Hackers may be monitoring public wireless networks for credit card numbers and other confidential information.

Avoid Scams and Fraud

Never give your financial or personal information over e-mail, text, or by phone. Some offers in unsolicited e-mails are too good to be true, especially extremely low prices on hard to get items. Don't be afraid to go with your gut instinct and pass up a "deal" that might cost you dearly in the end.

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Post by Kathleen Borg