Foodie Friday Five: 5 Recipe Websites for Turkey Day

Kathleen Borg
Nov 22, 2013

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to celebrate with a hearty meal. From preparation to presentation, the highly anticipated American holiday is filled with mouthwatering recipes ranging from yummy appetizers to delicious desserts- and not to forget the turkey that serves as lunch meat for the next week or two.

Whether your hosting this year's Turkey Day, or contributing your dish as a guest- it's a tough task figuring out what to prepare. So to make life a little easier, I went ahead and put together some awesome recipe websites that give you not only thousands of new recipe ideas, but a ton of other great resources are featured as well. All the ingredients and instructions are available online by accessing the links below.


With its simple, user friendly site interface, Chow is unlikely to disappoint when it comes to your online recipe registry. Their collection of recipes contain entertaining and insightful resources along with a network friendly community that constantly contribute feedback and review content. If you're just looking to spice up your cookbook or stay informed about new culinary trends, Chow is an ideal resource for any home cook.

Appetizers are always a necessity when it comes to entertaining. You want your guests to be as pre occupied as possible while awaiting the main course. This is also a prefect opportunity to introduce new recipes to your family and friends, and this Mexican inspired appetizer is a fun way to spice things up. Explore your creative side and check out the amazing variety of recipes Chow has to offer.

Green Chile Deviled Eggs Recipe

Thanksgiving Green Chile Deviled Eggs Recipe - Turkey Day Recipe Websites


If you've run out of new and exciting recipes, you're not alone. It's a tough job stirring up a variety of meals that satisfies both you and your family's tastebuds. With one of the largest network of online cooks in the world, AllRecipes contains one of the most expansive online databases available. If there's a recipe or idea of one that you have in mind, AllRecipes is likely to have it.

Here's one recipe any turkey couldn't be without! This space saving slow cooker recipe is great for entertaining large crowds and you won't have to sacrifice your precious stove top space. Find out what you need to complete this dish by clicking the link below.

Slow Cooker Stuffing

Thanksgiving Slow Cooker Stuffing Recipe - Turkey Day Recipe Websites


Due to its detailed, intuitively organized, and easy to use interface, Epicurious has been raved as one of the most well-rounded and complete online recipe sites available. Going above and beyond any food lovers expectations, Epicurious has done an amazing job with their database organization along with building an interactive community-oriented site that allows users to share their recipes stories from all over the world.

If you love potatoes as much as me, I would highly recommend checking out this next recipe. Made with only a few simple and easy to find ingredients, this potato platter will not disappoint. Learn more about how to prepare this recipe along with many others by clicking the link below.

Potato & Celery Root Gratin with Leeks

Thanksgiving Potato & Celery Root Gratin with Leeks Recipe - Turkey Day Recipe Websites


Wondering what to make on a daily basis can be a stressful task. Luckily, Simply Recipes offers a free e-mail subscription option that notifies you each time a new entry is added to their database. Visit them online and you'll never have to worry about what to cook for dinner ever again!

As long as your not allergic, this tasty tart will satisfy any nut lovers sweet tooth. To learn more about how to mix and match your favorite walnuts, pecans, and almonds to create this custom dessert check out Simply Recipes today!

Caramelized Nut Tart

Thanksgiving Caramelized Nut Tart Recipe - Turkey Day Recipe Websites


Looking for a way to get rid of all your Thanksgiving leftovers? Recipe Matcher is a fun and easy to use website that allows users to submit their own ingredients and a number of recipes are suggested based on what's entered in the search bar. Don't be afraid to try something new and experiment with different food combinations you wouldn't normally think of.

I love the idea of recreating dishes and this recipe sounded so yummy- I had to share. It's the perfect way to get rid of all that leftover turkey and make room in the refrigerator. See what other leftover turkey recipes you can come up with by visiting

Turkey Pot Pie

Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie Recipe - Turkey Day Recipe Websites

Hope you find this helpful, now let the Turkey Day planning begin!

Main turkey image making you hungry? Get Chef John's Roast Turkey and Gravy recipe courtesy of AllRecipes!

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