Friday Five: 5 Reasons To Get .ME

Justin Narayan
Nov 8, 2013

In the market for a domain name? .ME is perfect for start ups, personal websites, and blogs. Why .ME? Find out below:

1. Name Availability

Why settle for a domain you don't want? with a 110 million .COM registrations, it can be hard to find the domain you want. With .ME there are many available domain names. Check Dynadot to see if the .ME domain name you'd like is available.

2. Unique

Be remembered by visitors by having a fun and memorable domain extension. Many businesses such as About.ME and Join.ME have completely branded themselves on their unique and memorable .ME domains.

3. Expression

With a .ME domain extension, let the world know about you, your brand, products, services, and ideas. .ME allows you to be more personal whether you are creating a business or personal website.

4. SEO Benefits

Although .ME is the country code domain extension for Montenegro, anyone can register a .ME. In fact, .ME is so popular worldwide that it is seen as a generic domain extension by Google. This means you receive the same Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits with .ME as you would with a .COM, .NET, and .ORG.

5. Price

.ME is on sale for $9.99 for 1 year registrations. Our .ME sale ends 12/31/13 23:59 UTC, so get started with your .ME domain name today!

Post By: Justin Narayan