Friday Five: 5 Awesome & Useful .ME Websites

Robyn Norgan
Oct 11, 2013

Although .ME is technically the country code domain extension for Montenegro, it has branded itself for multiple uses beyond Montenegro's borders. When Montenegro was first issued its .ME domain, they decided not to limit its use because of the potential for a domain extension that can also stand for "me." As a result, .ME has become a favorite domain for personal websites, blogs, and businesses. It has especially become popular in the startup world as founders are looking for the right domain to differentiate their website. Here are a few cool businesses that have established themselves on a .ME domain. Enjoy! live sports games


Sports fans unite!'s goal is to make live sports even more fun with "the world's first live play social sports games." They feature games for basketball, hockey, football, and baseball that allow you to earn points on your gameboard as live events happen during the game you're watching. All of its games are available for free on any device. local concert website


Although this website is still in beta, when I visited it, it immediately showed me local concerts for the San Francisco area for this week. Sign in with Facebook and you'll "be the first to know about the concerts of your favorite bands and artists" as well as able to connect with friends, see their concert plans, and share your own. Who knows, maybe you'll even find you have similar music tastes with friends you wouldn't have though to invite to your next concert! email inbox simplification


Are you tired of receiving a constant stream of newsletters in your inbox from everyone under the sun? has you covered; it allows you to simplify your inbox by rolling all of your subscription emails into a single daily digest email. For those newsletters you don't even want to include your new daily digest email, provides an easy on click unsubscribe to help you manage the unwanted junk clogging your inbox. walkie talkie voice messaging app


Fingers tired from all that texting? Turn your phone into a walkie talkie with's app! The free app allows you to send quick voice messages to friends even if they don't have the app themselves. There is even a group chat option and you can use it to text for free. perspective photo sharing app

5. is a photo sharing app that allows you to take a picture with both the front and the back camera on your phone and combine them. This gives you a new perspective for your photos and, although I'll admit I wasn't convinced at first, it actually makes for some really interesting photos. One example I saw once I downloaded the app was a picture of someone looking at something on one side and the Eiffel Tower on the other. You can also use it to make goofie selfies (see below).

Planning to start a business of your own? Consider .ME! .ME is on sale now for just $9.99. .ME is great for domain hacks and you'll find much more availability to find the right domain for you! Not staring a business? .ME is also great for personal websites - imagine - as well as blogs. Find your .ME today!

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who is having way too much fun with's app!