Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Implement PayPal for Your Business

Robyn Norgan
Oct 18, 2013

In case you don't know, you can use PayPal to purchase domains and web hosting on our website. In fact, we were one of the first domain registrars to offer PayPal and we've basically offered it since we started. Our founder Todd Han, was an early adopter of PayPal himself, and was only too happy to add it to our website after some customer requests for it. Since then, it has been a great addition to our payment options and our business.

You've probably heard that having a business website helps keep your business open 24/7. This can be especially true when you add online ordering to your website and adding PayPal is an easy way to do this.

Here are five reasons you should consider using PayPal in your business:

1. Easy Set Up

PayPal is easy to set up - simply visit their website and click on "business" to get started. You can get your account started completely online without having to call and talk to anyone. They offer multiple solutions for businesses and have a comparison chart that makes it easy to "choose the solution that fits your business."

2. No Monthly Fee

PayPal's standard business option has no monthly fee; all you'll pay are transaction fees. This standard option still offers you plenty of benefits. If you are looking for more, PayPal also has some monthly payment options that will offer you some customization as well as a Virtual Terminal, which allows you turn your computer into a credit card terminal to accept credit cards via phone, fax, and mail.

3. Customers Don't Have to Have PayPal to Use It

PayPal is very popular and features over 110 million active PayPal accounts, according to their website. However, one of the nice things about it is the fact that your customers don't have to be a member of PayPal to use it. Customers who prefer to pay with their credit card can use your PayPal system to do just that. This can also be a bonus for you because you can accept credit cards without going through the hassle of setting things up with a merchant.

4. PayPal Allows You to Accept Multiple Currencies

You can go international with PayPal! PayPal allows you to accept 24 currencies from 190 countries including Euros, British Pounds, Mexican Pesos, Thai Baht, Russian Ruble, Japanese Yen, and more! Their currency exchange rates are competitive and they allow you to hold one currency balance and still accept payments in multiple currencies.

5. You Can Use PayPal on Your Website and in Your Store

PayPal isn't just for online use. You can also accept PayPal in your store! Their standard business option includes free PayPal Here card swipers for iPhones, iPads, or Android devices. You can even record cash payments and accept checks with the camera on your mobile device.

In addition to the five benefits listed above, PayPal also offers you data security, fraud prevention, and simplified PCI compliance. It makes record keeping easy with its user friendly interface that allows you to look up statements with specified variables including time period. Check out their website for more information and to get started!

Post by Robyn Norgan