Beware of This Domain Renewal & Transfer Scam

Robyn Norgan
Oct 23, 2013

Obviously Domain Registry of America does not do their homework or they wouldn't have sent us one of their "domain expiration notices." Then again, scammers usually try to send out as many messages to as many people as possible in the hopes they'll at least hook a few people. The Domain Registry of America has been sending out these types of message for years, praying on people who don't understand how the domain system works. The message is laid out like a bill and asks people to "renew [their] domain to retain exclusive rights to it on the Web" and includes the domain's upcoming expiration date as an incentive. They also include a reply by date to make it seem even more urgent - after all, you don't want to lose your domain!

If you receive one of these letters you should know that their "best savings" are much higher than our prices (as well as the prices of other ICANN accredited registrars). As you can see in the letter posted below, they are offering a 1 year registration for a .COM domain at $35, while our price is only $9.99. While they are correct that you can choose your registrar, we always recommend choosing an ICANN accredited registrar, whether that is us or someone else. You can learn more about what it means to be ICANN accredited in our past post.

You can check out the letter we received below. If you receive a similar letter, the best thing to do is ignore it. You can renew your domain through your Dynadot account to ensure that you won't lose it. We will email you starting 60 days before your domain's expiration date, giving you plenty of notice to renew it before it expires.

Domain Renewal & Transfer Scam Letter - Domain Registry of America

Post by Robyn Norgan