Our .US Sale Has Been Extended
Until the End of 2013!

Robyn Norgan
Sep 30, 2013

That's right, you can still register your perfect .US domain for just $5.99 until the end of the year! Our .US sale has been officially extended until 12/31/13 23:59 UTC, to be exact. .US is the domain extension for the US and has many great uses.

American Businesses
Whether you're a local business in the US or an international business with a presence here, .US is the perfect domain. For local businesses, choosing .US establishes you as an American business, inspiring customer confidence. For international businesses, using your .US for your American website will enhance the experience for your American customers, removing confusion about which website to visit for the right information. Let .US help you dream big with your business!

Family & Wedding Websites
.US is a great option for family and wedding websites because it can also stand for the word "us." Keep in touch with family by creating a website such as or even Getting married? or even are the perfect way to keep your guests in the loop (see our wedding website tips). You can even reuse your domain after the wedding and turn it into your family website!

Fun Domain Hacks
.US can stand for United States, us, or even spell out a word ending in us, thus creating a fun domain hack. Registering a domain hack can be a unique way to set your website apart. The good news is, there is no shortage of words ending us and with .US, you'll have more opportunity to find the right domain hack - or even just a regular .US domain - for you. All you need to do is get creative!

Take advantage of our $5.99 .US sale today!

Post by Robyn Norgan