Tips on Starting a Personal Website from Dynadot Customer Karl Clement

Robyn Norgan
Sep 12, 2013

Karl Clement is an entrepreneur, web developer, designer, and IT consultant. He needed a website that would allow him to not only present himself as an independent freelancer, but also allow him to create his personal brand online. When Karl found that the .COM domain name he wanted wasn't available, he "searched for alternatives that would best serve as a personal brand" and decided to establish his personal website on .ME "because it specifically implies the personal relationship using 'me'."

According to Karl, he "built [his website] in 2010 to showcase [his] capabilities and to serve as a communication tool." The website allowed "others to easily communicate with [him] for inquiries, questions, or even suggestions." Since establishing as his personal online brand, he has received as many as four career opportunities as well as countless offers for freelance contract work. He considers it to be "an asset to [his] career" and wanted to share some tips for others who are considering starting a personal website:

1. Buy your domain name now! You don't need to be a web developer to get a domain name; I recommend buying a domain name that best represents you. In my case, I chose to market myself under my name. Don't wait until it's too late! Search for your domain on Dynadot and buy it!

2. Find a simple solution to create a website and to host your domain. There are numerous ways to get online quickly. A simple Google search will give you a bevy of choices to get something up and running. Dynadot offers an extremely inexpensive hosting plan for those who are hosting something really simple and they have a new website builder that gives you three pages for free.

3. If you want something a little better, you will have to hire someone to develop a website for you. I recommend using a service such as,, or to find an inexpensive developer.

4. Market yourself like crazy! Place a link to your new website in all your social network profiles: add it to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Not only will this improve chances of exposure, it will also improve your page ranking scores (though that's a whole other lesson). Use your website as your personal business card.

Having a personal website is essential if you are planning on marketing yourself. Whether you are job hunting or starting your own small business, a single point of contact is essential to developing new contacts and growing your network.

If you're interested in starting a personal website of your own, consider .ME. .ME is all about you! With .ME, you'll have more options to find the right domain name. Create your unique online identity for just $8.99 during our .ME sale*. Need ideas? Check out Karl's awesome website on!

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