Why I Chose .ME For My Custom Short URL

Robyn Norgan
Aug 29, 2013

If you browse Twitter, then you've probably noticed short urls such as the popular,, and Twitter's own, You've probably also noticed that some companies and even people have their own personal short url. For Dynadot, we use and personally, I use Both of these short urls have something in common: they both use the .ME domain extension.

.ME is a great option for a custom short url for a couple of reasons. First, it's already shorter than .COM and .NET by one character. Second, there is a lot more availability with .ME. Although it will probably be difficult to find an available three character .ME, you can find available four and five character .ME domains and they're available for our low .ME sale price of $8.99! You might have to get a bit creative to find the right short domain, but you're much more likely to find something short on .ME than many of the other domain extensions. For me, the 'rbn' part of my short url is my name minus the vowels Robyn = rbn and the last n is the initial of my last name. For Dynadot, obviously, the 'dyna' is the first part of our company name (and since the second part of our name is dot and there is a dot before the me, it's kinda like we're saying 'Dynadot is me' with our short url!).

As you can see, a third reason to choose .ME for your custom short url is the fact that it can be used for domain hacks. .ME can stand for 'me' making it the perfect choice for a personal custom short url (or even a personal domain name). .ME is also great for helping you spell out words like, for example. Again, you will have to get creative, but that is often the case when finding a domain name anyway. This leads me to my final point, .ME is fun and unique. Choosing .ME can set you apart and let's face it, having a custom short url already sets you apart, so why not add .ME to the mix and make it the icing your short url cake.

I guess one more *bonus* reason to choose .ME is the fact that it's on sale for just $9.99! Take advantage of our '' .ME sale price before our sale ends 12/31/14 23:59 UTC. Find your perfect .ME custom short url (or domain name) today!

Still not sure if a custom short url is right for you? Read our past post on branding yourself with a custom short url. Also, don't forget to use good judgement before clicking on one. Learn how to preview a short url first.

Author Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who you can find on Twitter (using her awesome custom short url, @RobynNorgan and don't forget to follow Dynadot (with our awesome custom short url) @Dynadot!