Friday Five: 5 Websites to Make You Laugh on National Joke Day

Aug 16, 2013

Everyone needs a good laugh now and then and today is National Joke Day, so take a break and check out these five sites that are meant to give you a laugh.


You don't have to leave your desk to go on this wild 'office safari' where you can see pictures of wild 'office animals'! The pictures are really funny and it's easy to make some at your own office or home to continue the laughs.


Ever wonder what it would be like to text your dog? This tumblr website is filled with texts between a dog and its owner. The texts are hilarious. You'll definitely want to check it out, especially if you're a dog lover like me!


Have you ever received an email that seems a little fishy? The owner of this next website might be behind it! Check out the funny emails that he sends out to rile people up, including his stories of tricking people on Craigsilst and more.


Kids cry for some ridiculous reasons. This website documents all the silly reasons the writer's son is crying, including pictures of him crying. He has also opened his blog to allow other parents to share silly the reasons why their children cry too.


Having a smart phone is great, except for when it acts a little well… dumb. Autocorrect on phones can lead to hilarious mishaps and you can see some awesome ones on this website. You can even submit your own auto corrections that have messed up (or in some cases enhanced) your conversations. Warning: make sure tissues are nearby because this website will definitely bring you to tears of laughter.

Hopefully you've taken a minute to look at these websites and hopefully by now you're laughing, or at least feeling better about your day. Relax and have a laugh on us because it's Friday!

The author Dara posing behind a computer monitor
This post is written by Dara, who is a koala today.