Take Advantage of Our Free Domain Privacy Coupon!

Jacqueline Daly
Aug 29, 2013

You can find almost anything on the Internet with just a few keystrokes, and that includes your personal information. Protect yourself against spammers, scammers, and stalkers with our Dynadot domain privacy. Our domain privacy service protects your personal information from being displayed during Whois lookups. When you register a domain, you are required to provide your personal contact information per ICANN policy. ICANN is the non-profit regulatory body that is responsible for managing the domain name system and they require domain ownership information to be publicly accessible.

This means that anyone can look up your personal information including your address, email, and phone number. Our privacy service replaces your address, email, and phone number with our privacy contact information. We do the work for you and filter out any spam messages we receive on your behalf, only forwarding messages that have been verified as not spam on to you.

Are you still on the fence about whether you want to use our domain privacy service? Here's one more reason to use it: now through September 30th get free domain privacy with every new domain registration! Take advantage of our limited time offer and protect your personal information. Simply find your next great domain, add our privacy service (check box at the top of the search, next to the Add button), and use our code FREEPRIVACY at checkout*.

*Please note the privacy is not available for all domain extensions. See our full list of domain extensions for more information. Coupon expires 9/30/13 23:59 PDT.

Post by Jacqueline Daly