Friday Five: 5 Websites That Use Domain Extensions to Their Advantage

Jul 19, 2013

Looking for a more unique domain name to set your business apart from the crowd? Check out these five websites that have used their domain extensions to help brand their business.


This non-profit uses their website to show videos documenting the real stories of the homeless. Their goal is to put a face to the homeless, one that is powerful enough to encourage change. There even is a caution sign on their website warning users, "Some content may be offensive. Our hope is you'll get mad enough to do something." These videos are a great way to capture people's stories and .TV is a great place for video blogs or any other video content.


Domain hack level: boss. Not only is this a memorable domain name, the website represents the name. It showcases the work of Jamie, a professional graphic designer. Jamie's website is fun - just like her domain name - and it focuses on her art. If you're looking for a domain hack, it's best to choose one that highlights the focus of your website.


This is another great domain name hack. This website servers as a platform for an app that works with Foursquare. The app, "alerts you when you check into a New York City restaurant that is at risk of being closed for health code violations." Again, this domain hack accurately portrays the content of the website. This website also provides a unique service that can help you stay healthy!


Many people believe that the .FM domain is only for radio or media but challenges this belief. This website is really popular in younger demographics as a website that allows you to ask and answer questions anonymously. proves that if you have a product people want to use, they will use it regardless if it is a .com, a .fm, or any other domain extension.


The popular six second video app uses .CO for it’s website. .CO has been a very popular choice for websites since it’s rebranding in 2010, one that Twitter thought was viable for holding their latest creation. You can only create vines on your mobile device, but if you choose to send your videos through email it will send you a link that will connect through a .CO.

We've got a vine! Check out our first Vine below from the Pride Business Expo.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the known. If you have a brand or product people want to use they will take the time to remember your website. Check out our awesome domain extensions to find the right one for you! Remember, your domain extension is an extension of your brand too.

This post is written by Dara, who spent time volunteering at a homeless shelter in Minnesota and encourages you to check out InvisiblePeople.TV.