5 Great Tips for Live Tweeting Success

Cormac Reynolds
Jul 30, 2013

Guest Post By Cormac Reynolds

Twitter is probably the most popular and the best truly real time social media medium for brands and businesses. The website offers the perfect platform to enhance an event's commentary, the second screen experience, and much more.

For brands and businesses this makes for a smorgasbord of opportunities regarding potential customer engagement. So, how do you boost your real time tweeting? Let's take a look:


The hashtag is the real time Twitter users's best friend and getting it right is the first step in live tweeting success. In essence, it facilitates you and others in finding, engaging, and discussing a certain issue or event in real time.

It doesn't matter what sort of event or experience it is, finding the correct hashtag is a necessity. So, how do you find it? Well, in a word: research.

Prepare before the event by looking at preliminary tweets on the event to see what's being used most commonly. Never assume as there are always different hashtags used, even if the event is an annual one or the same. For instance, #SixNations may have been replaced by #SixNations13 or #6Nations, so get it right and don't limit your scope.

Engage People

Engaging people is very important with a live tweeting session and offers an ideal opportunity to build friendships. People who have the same interests like to befriend each other and a live tweeting session of an event is the perfect place to find people with the same interests. So, you need to engage people by interacting with them, not waiting for them to interact with you. Retweets, favorites, and other actions go a long way on Twitter when they are credible, sincere, and engaging. You may even receive some in return.

Remember - Live is Live

Live tweets are live and not updates. This means they have to offer quality and intrigue people. So, instead of plain, boring updates - use videos, images, and quotes to stand out.

Create a Buzz

Involving your other social media sites is very important too and will create a buzz around your live tweeting prior to your event. By alerting people that you will be live tweeting, it gives them a chance to prepare and be there for when you start. You wouldn't just turn up at an industry conference unannounced and the same is true for live tweeting. Mention it on your blog, add a few Facebook posts, and tweet about it in the weeks and days before the event.

If You Build It They Will Come

The film Field of Dreams is infamous for the phrase "if you build it they will come" and live tweeting is a little like this. If you live tweet about industry events enough, people will automatically assume you are going to live tweet about the next one and the next one and soon, you're a go-to person for live tweets in your industry. Now this can't do you too much harm, can it? It provides all sorts of engagement opportunities for you and your brand and is a truly great achievement.

Live tweeting is a great way to push yourself to the fore of your industry, create credibility, and engage others. Have fun!

Cormac Reynolds Live Tweeting Post
Cormac Reynolds is an online marketer and has worked for a UK Digital Agency for a number of years now. He has a love of technology and the latest changes in social media and SEO.