Friday Five: 5 Sites for Finding Events and Groups

Jul 26, 2013

It’s Friday!! Time to make plans for tonight and the weekend. You may have just moved to town or haven’t found a niche of people to call up, but one of these sites is sure to help you! There are events going on in major cities and small towns that are sure to spark your interest. Find your place at a web design meet-up or at a rock climbing club. Whatever you choose to do, one of these event sites can help guide you.


This site has tons of different groups. You are welcome to start your own group or look for one that is already started. You can search for specific things you’re interested and/or search by location. You can find people you may know by connecting through Facebook or jump into a group where you know no one.


Big Tent has over 2 million members. They have forums, events, and groups. Again, you can choose to start a group or join one. This site is geared for bigger cities, but if you do live in a small town I would suggest starting your own group to help get others in your town engaged.


Instead of attending a gathering in a boring meeting room, Net Party puts on awesome events in bigger cities to help connect young people of the same professions. They host these events in nightclubs, mansions, and other cool venues. They take professional networking and make it fun!


Eventbrite has a list of events that stem beyond just meeting people; you can always find something to fit your mood. They have five main event categories: business and professional, classes and learning, fundraisers, music, and food and drink. You can easily purchase and print your tickets for events that have a fee. If you are posting your event here, it will help you manage guest lists, track payments, and track numbers on the day of your event.


You can find an event or post one! They have fundraisers, festivals, kid friendly events, and more for you to check out. You can even subscribe for alerts; they will notify you when a specific category event is going on in your area. Whether you’re looking to promote your own event or find one to attend, this site will help you out.

Now go have a great time with awesome groups this weekend or anytime! I hope you'll use these sites as a guide to your explorations and create adventures that you'll never forget.

This post is written by Dara