Friday Five: Best Sites for Finding Concerts & Festivals

Jul 5, 2013

With a month of summer under our belt we’re in the midst of concert and festival season! These five websites are great resources to finding concerts/festivals to make your summer that much more fun.


You can use Songkick one of two ways. 1. You can look up concerts in your area and see what’s playing and how to buy tickets. 2. You can sign up to receive email alerts for the bands you’re interested in. They’ll let you know if the band is coming to the area and when they’re playing so that you don’t have to keep track of the information yourself. This option is great especially if you have a habit of not finding out about your favorite band playing two blocks down until after it’s sold out. You can also share photos and write with others about your experience at the concert in a forum for each concert (over 1 million concerts).


Jam Base highlights music from the jam band scene in its articles, but you can see a list of any music genre playing in your area in their calendar. It’s a great way to figure out concerts going on around your area and a way to immerse yourself in some new music if you haven’t heard of the band. They have pictures contests and articles highlighting some awesome bands!


Poll Star will show you a bunch of festivals and concerts that may fit your interest. They also blog about: bands, reviews of shows, and venue information. You can search by city, and, or venue to find the concerts you’re looking for. You can also see photos, upload them, get notifications on artists, and comment on different forums.

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This site has a list of all the festivals broken up into the US and Europe. The site allows you to filter the feed and find out guidelines for attending festivals. If you click into a festival they will show you the bands playing (if available), price of the festival, and allow you to view or post comments about your experience with the festival. Music Festival Junkies is the perfect guide to all things about festivals.


They have a bunch of festivals, not all having to do with music and an equal amount that do. You can view festivals by state and then narrow it down on whether they are playing music (or having art or crafts). The music festival list they give you will be extensive because it will include a bunch of festivals that don’t center on music but integrate it as a part of the festival. This is a great way to get to enjoy live music and still find other things to do.

This post is written by Dara, whose favorite music festival is SummerCamp in Chillicothe, Illinois!