How Yahoo's Email Address 'Recycling' Program Could Affect Your Domains

Jun 20, 2013

Yahoo! announced that it will be making some changes to email accounts- if you have a Yahoo account please be aware. If you have not logged on to your Yahoo email account in over 1 year, the account will be disabled on July 15 2013. To stop your account from being disabled log on before that date. Any accounts not logged in to (with the one year inactive status) will then be held for 30 days and released to another user with interest in that email address.

If your Dynadot account is connected through a Yahoo email take these precautions:

Log on to your email. The best thing you can do is let Yahoo know you are using this account.

Change your email in your Dynadot account. If you don’t mind that your email will be turned over make sure you change your email in your Dynadot account to one that you own and use. Do this as soon as possible to avoid any mishaps. You will have to provide your birthday to be able to complete this process.

We believe in security here at Dynadot and advise any Yahoo! users to go through this process to protect their domain names. The good news is, in order to do many processes on Dynadot one has to go through our two step verification process: entering a username and password, and verifying with their chosen account birthday. Learn more about our full security process and how to add even more security to keep your account safe on our security page.

So, if you’re using a Yahoo! email remember to log in or switch emails!

This post is written by Dara, the marketing intern.