Meet Little Bear: Our Newest Dynapet!

Jun 5, 2013
PomChi Sleeping
When she's not sleeping on the job...
Funny PomChi picture
she takes the time to clean up...
PomChi Winking
and to make sure she looks good.
PomChi Smiling
Finally, she puts on a big smile because she's so excited to be announced as the newest Dynadog!

Little Bear is a one-year-old PomChi (Pomeranian/Chihuahua). She enjoys hiking in the deep snow and running up and down the beach. Her favorite part of being an office dog is getting to curl up under desks or in the sun to nap! She loves that Dynadot has a pet friendly office because she gets to spend the day at work with mom and play with the other dogs! Welcome Little Bear!!

PomChi SleepingThis post is written by Dara , Little Bears biggest fan and mom!