From Instant Messaging to Personalization - .IM

Jun 12, 2013

Growing up I was slightly addicted to instant messenger (IM), the way any middle school/teenage kid is around social media today. Back then, IM was the only way we could communicate with friends on a mass level. Although the world of instant messaging has been taken over by text messaging, the nostalgic days of IM’ing still ring true to a large population of Gen Y'ers. @YourAwayMessage, a twitter handle, is a clear indication of this with its 280,838 followers.

The world of instant messaging was the first time many people began to expose themselves on a public platform. Away messages were put up so all of your friends could know what you were doing when you weren’t on your computer. Basically, it was the first time people started getting personal online.

IM still stands for this personalization today in the world of domains due to its similarity to the English "I'm". Get personal online with a .IM on sale now for only $8.99 until 8/31/13 BST.

OMG this post was written by ~* Dara *~