Friday Five: Best Sites for Father's Day Presents

Jun 14, 2013

This Sunday (6/16/13) is Father’s Day. Still looking for the perfect present for dad? Look no further. We have our five favorite websites for Father’s Day gifts! No matter what your dad is interested in, one of these websites is sure to have the gift for you.


So, your dad isn’t into gift baskets and is definitely not interested in the hand-made sweater your wife made for father’s day you say? Well, do we have the site for you. Man crate takes a creative spin on the traditional gift basket by placing awesome themed gifts into wooden crates that your father will have to use a crow bar to open. These gifts are creative and have a wide range of themes to fit your dad’s personality.


Etsy specializes in hand made gifts. These gifts are sure to be one of a kind for your father and represent a wide range of price that you can spend on dad. Just looking for a nice card? They have them. Dad’s more into beer? They have that too. Check out their wide range of presents and see categories such as grandfather and father-to-be if you’re looking to say thanks to those men too!


This website has a ton of cool unique gifts for dad and has a way for you to filter through all of the father day stuff to the more specific stuff your dad might enjoy. The website name speaks for itself; these gifts are ones that you wouldn’t find on other websites. You can even search for recycled items for that eco- conscience dad.


The site has a bunch of fun options for your father. Many of the items can be personalized so your dad will have a special item to call his own. The personalized items vary from cuff links to flasks. Make this father’s day customized to him instead of the generic tie!


Your dad loves Star War’s just as much as he loves you and already owns every figurine? Think Geek is sure to have something he doesn’t in its collection of geek themed presents. The site has tons of unique gadgets, clothing, and electronics for the dad that is obsessed with all things geeky. Search for gifts in your price range or by category.

Speaking of gadgets and electronics, what’s a better way to show dad you care than a website? Your dad would probably love a website of his own, or at least one that celebrates how great he is! Well you’re just in luck, use our code DADDAY13 and receive $1 off your order! Offer valid until 6/16/13 23:59 PDT, one per account. We hope you have a wonderful father’s day!

The author Dara and her father
This post is written by Dara who wishes her father a happy, happy Father's Day!