The EU (& .EU) Will Welcome Croatia in July!

Robyn Norgan
Jun 4, 2013

The European Union (EU) will not be a group of 27 member states much longer. As of July 1, 2013, Croatia will officially become its 28th member state. This means that .EU, the domain of the European Union, will also be open to Croatia's over 4 million inhabitants. This is exciting news for Croatia, a small country located on the Adriatic Sea that borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro (.ME's home country).

In honor of Croatia's good news, here are a few fun facts about it:

  • Croatia has over 1,000 islands in the Adriatic Sea.

  • The Dalmatian dog received its name from Dalmatia, a region in Croatia.

  • The necktie was invented in Croatia. It is derived from a cravat, or a neckband, worn by 17th century Croat soldiers.

  • Croatians can vote starting at age 16, but only if they are employed. If they are unemployed they have to wait until they turn 18.

  • The city of Dubrovnik is an ancient walled city that is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its walls run 1.25 miles (2 km) around the city and are between 13-19.5 ft (4-6 m) thick. It is pictured above courtesy of photographer Tim Malecki and

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The author Robyn Norgan and another woman in Croatia
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who was lucky enough to visit Dubrovnik a few years ago and highly recommends it. It's an absolutely beautiful city (and it has great gelato)!