Friday Five: Best Photoshop Tutorial Sites

Jun 28, 2013

Adobe Photoshop can be used in a variety of ways. The multitude of steps and tools needed to master it can be a bit confusing whether you’re just beginning or have been using the program for quite awhile. Here are our five picks of sites to learn and sharpen your Photoshop skills.


Photoshop Essentials has easy to read tutorials written on the site and allows you to download the lessons as PDF's. Each tutorial goes through a step-by-step process with pictures to help guide you. This website is great for all levels of Photoshop users. The site is broken into five main categories: basics, retouch, effects (photo), effects (text), and digital photo essentials.


Creative Bloq has tons of content on their site for designers. In their how to section you can find tutorials and information on Photoshop. They recently opened their YouTube channel where they have begun to post video tutorials. This site contains how to on other topics besides Photoshop, but they still have an extensive collection of tutorials for Photoshop.


If you're looking for basics, drawing, effects, graphic designs, photo effects, text effects, and website designs this site is for you. They screenshot each step and provide a small written description to help you learn each step. The site is updated regularly so you can always find a new tutorial to try out.


They have many tutorials and freebies to give away so if you’re new to Photoshop this comes highly recommended. The steps are laid out clearly plus they give you the images they worked on so you can try and create the same photo and make sure you are getting the same results that are expected in the tutorial.


This site allows people to learn in two different ways: written tutorials and video tutorials. They do offer tutorials in things beyond Photoshop so you will have to sort through the content to seek out the things you need. Their tutorials are done really well and the video ones really stand out.

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This post is written by Dara, our Marketing Intern.

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Dec 18, 2014 10:41pm
Here is another good resource of learning photoshop