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Add Videos to Your .TV Domain

May 28, 2013

You may have heard of Zach Sobiech, a Minnesota teenager, who passed away form cancer on 5/20/13. Zach’s life story has gone viral because of a video (watch below!) capturing his battle with cancer and his will for living life fully. The twenty-minute video is something his family and all those inspired by him can keep as a memory.

So often we capture pictures but do we ever capture those side glances, the little conversations, and life’s moments in movement? Recording moments can invoke memories for a lifetime and show more than a picture could ever explain. Take your blogging to a more personal level by keeping a video log, connecting further with your audiences, and showing how to videos along with those cookie instructions!

The .TV domain is the perfect fit for storing and sharing all of life’s moments from a memory to how to really fold those origami birds. Keep all your videos in one place with a domain that reflects all your videos. Register a .TV Domain today with our special sale price of $12.99 for 1 year until 6/30/13 23:59 EST.

This post is written by Dara, our Marketing Intern.