Friday Five: Best Typography Sites

May 31, 2013

If they’re not looking at your pictures – they’re looking at your words. Enhance your website, flyers, and promotions with proper use of Typography. Check out these five great resources to help make your text stand out. And as the Jest accurately portrays in the video at the end of the post- your font does matter. Make use of these resources and check out this great article that will help to make sure that the fonts you choose will turn up on your site.


Typekit is a subscription based site that specializes in web fonts- web fonts means that the font you choose will show up, when chosen to, automatically on your website. Type kit is a great choice for implementing typography on your site. They have three different plans from $2- $8 a month. The site accesses thousands of fonts and allows you to choose the font that’s best for you.


They go beyond just presenting fonts to be bought they allow the users to learn about each font. Each font comes with an overview of its thought process and then presents the different the styles, features, and characters. The test-drive portion is our favorite part. It’s great to see how a font will look before deciding to purchase. Each font is purchased separately.


Do more than see fonts. Learn them. The site allows you to look at fonts and also has a downloadable game that tests your ability to identify fonts. This is an informational versus a transactional site. Study and learn about fonts to understand why they’re an important part of your content.


This website is a great way to grab a bunch of free fonts to use both personally and commercially (make sure you read the fine print !). These fonts are great if you are making promotional advertisements, flyers, or pictures. With a variety of fonts that are updated daily, you are sure to find a font that fits your needs.


So what if you found the font you wanted (in a book, on a flyer, on a picture) but you don’t know what it’s called? What the Font allows you to upload the image and will help you identify the font! Their interactive forum of font experts will work hard to turn that name-less font into the next font you purchase! The website also allows users to find fonts and purchase them.

(The Jest video- showing why font matters)

This post is written by Dara, our Marketing Intern.

Graphical Chris
Jun 25, 2013 1:59am
Not to forget this one!
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Graphical Chris
Jun 27, 2013 3:34pm
Great addition Graphical Chris. I especially like that you can submit ideas to the site as well!