Fast Fine Classics Kick-Starts Growth with .US

Judy Song-Marshall
Apr 18, 2013

Guest Post By Judy Song-Marshall

Is there anything more American than a tricked-out classic car? No wonder Fast Fine Classics, proud builders of “dream cars,” chose to boost their brand with a .US address. In fact, their story was so compelling they won the .US Dream Big Contest, which recognized small businesses that use the web to grow. As winners, Fast Fine Cars received a customized .US website, two days at a major small business conference, a local online advertising campaign and marketing consulting services from expert Aleks Schiff.

And it’s all paid off. Spend a moment on their site,, and you can practically hear the roar of engines and feel the wind in your hair as you barrel down the highway on a summer afternoon. You won’t be alone, either. Combined with blogs and social media, their site has generated over 20,000 hits, an impressive number for a growing business. According to co-owner Steven Litherland, "These are people who are really checking us out, appreciating our work and just looking at cool stuff." The site, he added, "has helped establish our name and brand locally, regionally and even nationally. I got a call just today from a potential client in our area who was looking at our website when he decided to call me."

Bottom line: The company’s growth in Q3 and Q4 2012 was 15% higher than management projected. Adds Litherland, "We’ve proven we have a niche and are planning an even bigger 2013."

Congrats to Fast Fine Classics! To get your .US address and help kick-start America, visit our .US Page. .US domains are on sale now for just $5.99 until 6/30/13 23:59 UTC!

Judy Song-Marshall is Director of Marketing at Neustar Enterprise Services.