Our .US Sale Starts April Fools' Day! Seriously!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 1, 2013

We also have a April Fools' coupon code (maybe)

Today is April Fools' Day, the perfect day for jokes, pranks, and just plain sillyness. It's the perfect day to announce a coupon code such as GOTCHA that may or may not work. If it works at all, it'll give you $0.50 off your order (maybe), so go ahead and try it. It might just be valid today only until 4/1/13 23:59 PDT (if you're lucky)*.

Today is not, however, a great day to announce a sale that is actually not a joke, but here we are announcing one anyway. That's right, our .US domain sale starts today (seriously it really does)! During the month of April on through June 30 (6/30/13 23:59 UTC to be exact), .US domains are on sale for just $5.99 for 1 year registrations.

The .US domain is the country code domain (ccTLD) of the US (and that's obviously not a joke). Registering a .US domain promotes your website as American. For businesses, a .US domain helps you reach an audience of over 300 million. For individuals, .US domains are great for family blogs, i.e. (which is available) and wedding websites, i.e. (also available). .US is also just a great place to find the domain name you really want. Since .US domain registration is restricted to American citizens, residents, organizations, or foreign entities with a US presence, there is a lot more availability for you to find the right .US domain for you! Take advantage of our .US domain sale today!

*Coupon can only be used once per account (if at all) and only applies to orders over $5 (if it works).

The author Robyn Norgan wearing a Groucho Marx mask
This post was written by Robyn Norgan (maybe), who wants you to know (now that April Fools' Day has passed) that the April Fools' coupon was not only real, but it actually gave you $1 off your order, not $0.50 because Dynadot is awesome like that.

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Nathaniel Davidson
Apr 1, 2013 9:42am
I'll just have to get a .us domain (maybe)