Perfect for Yoda Grammer, .IM Is

Robyn Norgan
Mar 27, 2013

The .IM domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the Isle of Man. The domain is available for anyone to register and people around the world have found many great uses for it including personal sites, real estate sites, custom short links, and even .IM domain hacks. Recently, one of our customers who is a Star Wars fan, pointed out another use for .IM domains: Yoda Grammar.

Most of us have seen the phenomenon that is Star Wars, so we know Yoda's unusual way of speaking. Even if you haven't seen Star Wars, you have probably heard some of Yoda's famous 'backwards' quotes such as "Judge me by my size, do you?", "Not if anything to say about it I have", and "Help you I can". The official term for this 'Yoda Grammar' is anastrophe, which is when a language's usual word order is inverted. As it turns out, the .IM domain, which has also been known to stand for the English "I am" is a perfect opportunity to register a fun Yoda Grammar domain name.

Here are some examples of available .IM domains that use Yoda Grammar: - my favorite (see below)!

Of course if you don't want an entirely Star Wars themed .IM domain, you can also apply Yoda Grammar to domains like these:
...and of course there's always

If you need some inspiration (or you just want to start talking like Yoda), you can check out this Yoda-Speak Generator. It also features a count down to the official Talk Like Yoda Day coming up May 21st. However, you don't need to wait until May 21st to register your Yoda Grammar inspired .IM domain name! As Yoda would say: "What waiting for are you? Register your .IM domain now you should!"

Yoda Grammar .IM Domains by Robyn Norgan
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