Tips from .TV's Red Carpet Interviews at the International Academy of Web Television Awards

Robyn Norgan
Feb 27, 2013

Last month, the second annual International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) Awards were held during CES in Las Vegas. According to their website, "the IAWTV Awards is the official web television industry awards celebration for digital content creators, by digital content creators." Awards were presented in 33 categories including best online channel, best educational series, and best design.

IAWTV sponsor .TV was on the red carpet at the show and had the opportunity to speak to many industry leaders and award winners. Here is a quick recap of their advice to any up-and-coming video creators out there:

- Registering your own domain name and having your own website is key because it allows you to brand yourself online. You don't own YouTube.

- We all use social media to our advantage and having links to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. all in one place on your own website helps people find you online.

- When you are choosing a domain name for your website, keep it simple and make it memorable. You should also make sure it makes sense for your brand and your content.

- Choosing a .TV domain name makes the point that you're creating web content.

If you are a part of the web television industry, the .TV domain is perfect for you. With a .TV domain, people know that your site is all about video right in the URL. You'll also have a much larger inventory of domain names to choose from, so you won't have to settle for a domain that isn't right for you and your brand. Best of all, .TV domains are on sale now for just $12.99*. Search for your .TV domain now! You can also check out our list of premium .TV domains.

Check out the full .TV IAWTV Interview:

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Post by Robyn Norgan