Dynadot Partners With SEOmoz!

Robyn Norgan
Feb 1, 2013

If you own a domain, you may also have a website, and if you have a website, you need search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of your website in a search engine's organic, or un-paid, search. Higher rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing can bring more traffic to your website, and thus, more conversions.

SEOmoz* specializes in SEO software. They offer SEO management made easy through SEOmoz PRO, a complete set of software, tools, and resources to maximize your website's SEO. Dynadot is excited to have partnered with SEOmoz to offer our customers a 45 day trial to try SEOmoz PRO free:

Sign up for your FREE SEOmoz PRO 45 day trial and see for yourself why SEOmoz is the world's most popular SEO software!

Not convinced? Well, I guess I should've mentioned that Dynadot is an SEOmoz PRO member. We even attended SEOmoz's MozCon even last year in Seattle (see our blog post on SEO tips from MozCon). Since we became an SEOmoz PRO member, we have learned a lot about SEO best practices. As a result, we've seen many of our page rankings increase and seen an increase in traffic to our site. So here are a few of our favorite things on SEOmoz PRO to peek your interest:

Ranking reports allow you to follow certain keywords to see how you are ranking for them. It also shows you a summary, which tells you on quick glance how many of your keywords are in the top 3, on the first page, had an increase or decrease in rank, and how much traffic you are receiving from those keywords.

Keyword analysis will help you figure out how difficult it is to rank for certain keywords. This can help you focus your efforts. You'll be able to make good decisions on which keywords are worth your time and effort since some keywords are more popular than others.

Page optimization reports allow you to enter a page url and the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for and it will give you a grade. The scale uses the familiar A-F to let you know how your page is doing for the keyword you entered. It also gives you useful suggestions on what to change to improve your page.

Social insights for Facebook and Twitter. There are lots of tools out there to track Facebook and Twitter, but it's great having a tool that tracks your website and social all in one. You can even compare your Facebook and Twitter pages to those of your competitors.

SEOmoz Community also has a lot to offer. Learn from other SEOmoz customers from all backgrounds - beginner to expert, small business owner to employee at a corporation, and beyond. There is even a customer blog called the YouMoz blog where you can join in on the conversation or even submit a post of your own.

These are just a taste of what SEOmoz PRO has to offer.

Update: This special has ended and the 45 day free trial is no longer available.

*SEOmoz is now Moz

Author Robyn Norgan with MOZ SEO mascot Roger
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who has learned a lot from SEOmoz and looks forward to learning even more, especially as they add on new products and services (which they are doing all the time by the way).