Register a Domain Name for You - & Your Pet - on Love Your Pet Day

Robyn Norgan
Feb 20, 2013

Today is none other than Love Your Pet Day: the perfect day to pamper your pet. Here at Dynadot, we really love our pets. We even have a dog friendly office and consider dynadogs Gracie, Leela, and Foxy an important part of the team. See the benefits of a dog friendly office and get to know our lovely ladies in our past post from Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Dynadot Love Your Pet Day Dynadot Love Your Pet Day Dynadot Love Your Pet Day

Now even though we've been known to do things like dress up our pets in ridiculous costumes...

Dynadot Love Your Pet Day Dynadot Love Your Pet Day

...shame them by revealing their darkest secrets...

Dynadot Love Your Pet Day Dynadot Love Your Pet Day

...and even sometimes bread them...

Dynadot Love Your Pet Day

...we really do love them! So today, we plan to take our dynadogs on extra walks, play with our cats a little longer, and give them all some delicious treats just for being them. We hope you'll do the same for your pets today and if you want to go the extra mile, consider registering them their own domain name. That's right, you - and them - could be the proud owner of a domain name such as:

Okay, so maybe Fluffy doesn't need a domain name, but what about you? Back in January, US Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel reminded us why it's a good idea to own your domain name when a anti-Hagel group bought his domain name, Today, restaurant owner Guy Fieri is in the news for a similar situation. Though Fieri does own the domain for his restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, a prankster recently noticed that the domain for the restaurant's actual name,, was still available. Let hilarity ensue. The prankster, a programmer named Bryan Mytko, posted a ridiculous fake menu featuring food with things like "Cheez-gutted wolf meat," "peach and ether glazed Marlboro Light," and even "Axe spray" in it:

A prank homepage of Guy Fieri's restaurant
A prank entrees page of Guy Fieri's restaurant

The moral of the story: you should own your own domain name and if you're a business you should own all of your company's domain name possibilities. So go ahead and find your domain name now...before someone else does.

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Author Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who loves her crazy cats, Tuna and Rocket (pictured above in the Santa suits), and encourages anyone who doesn't have a furry friend to adopt one from an local animal shelter. Find an animal shelter near you by visiting (US only).

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Feb 27, 2013 9:08pm
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