Register Your Big Idea with .CO - on Sale Now!

Robyn Norgan
Feb 5, 2013

If you watched the Super Bowl, one thing that you were probably looking forward to was seeing the ads. The Super Bowl is probably the one and only time when people actually look forward to seeing ads and there were definitely some good ones this year - my personal favorite being the Gangman Style pistachios one. You can actually even vote for your favorite (and check them out if you missed the Super Bowl) on YouTube.

As you may have seen, the .CO domain has positioned itself as the place where big ideas belong on the web. The .CO domain is a great alternative to .COM for both personal and business websites. Unlike .COM, which has over 100 million registrations, .CO has just over 1 million domains registered, meaning you're much more likely to find the domain name you actually want. And like .COM, .CO domains are recognizable, global, and credible - making a .CO domain name the ideal home for your next great idea.

Best of all, .CO is on sale now! Register your .CO domain name, and secure your great idea's future, all for just $11.99*!

*Sale ends 2/28/13 23:59 UTC.

Post by Robyn Norgan