Your Isle of Man Travel Guide:
Tips for Your Visit to the Home of the .IM Domain

Robyn Norgan
Jan 26, 2013

Now that it is officially 2013 I am working on planning some trips for the year. So far, I've traveled to the homes of several of the TLDs we offer including .CO.UK, .DE, .IN, .CN, .BE, .AT, .MX, .LC, and more recently, .SX and .AG. Now, for more travel inspiration I look again to our list of TLDs and focus on the places I haven't been to yet. One great option is the Isle of Man, the home of the .IM domain.

The Isle of Man's tourism department has recently changed focus: pushing the opportunity for extreme sports such as mountain biking, sea kayaking, and something known as coasteering. All of these activities take advantage of the Isle of Man's rugged terrain and location in the Irish Sea. If you're looking for a more adverturous trip, the Isle of Man might just be the place for you.

Since I'd never heard of coasteering, I was intrigued. It is described as an "adreneline pumping activity" that combines swimming, climbing, canyoning, sea level traversing, jumping, and diving. You can book your coasteering tour as an individual or a group and it is open to all levels (which is good since I've obviously never tried it). Personally, I love swimming and climbing, so this sounds like something I'd be willing to try, but if you're looking for something a little less, shall we say "manxtreme," the Isle of Man has something to offer you too.

For starters, there are two great castles that you can't miss: Peel Castle and Castle Rushen. Both castles are said to be haunted, so for the true experience you can take a ghost tour, which will likely also take you to another landmark, Gaiety Theatre. Gaiety Theatre, although said to be haunted by the lady in seat B14, still runs local productions as well as touring productions. You can check out their website to get tickets for their upcoming shows (just remember to avoid seat B14).

If you're a fan of cats like me, you can visit the Mann Cat Sanctuary, located a few miles outside of the capital, Douglas. The sanctuary is a haven for cats and, of course, features the native Manx cat, which is known for having long back legs and no tail (though some types do have a partial tail). Not sure the sanctuary is for you? Check out their live webcam to see for yourself.

Now I know what you're thinking - you never thought you'd plan a trip where you'd be doing extreme sports one day, seeing ghosts the next, and then ending your trip with a visit to a cat sanctuary. I guess this island really does have it all, but if you can't fit the Isle of Man into your travel plans this year, you can still treat yourself to a piece of it - and for just $8.99! That's right, the .IM domain is on sale for $8.99 for 1 year registrations and it's open for anyone to register. Sale ends 3/31/13 23:59 UTC*.

If you're not a resident, .IM domains are great for personal sites because of it's similarity to "I'm" in English. You can register to create your home on the web and brand yourself online. If you're looking for something more creative than your name, you'll find lots of other available options with a .IM domain, including domain hacks such as and For more information about what the .IM domain can do for you and to register one of your own, visit our .IM domain page.

*2017 SALE UPDATE: As of March 2017, .IM 1st year registrations are on sale for $7.99. The sale ends next year on 6/30/2018 23:59 UTC.

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who loves to travel and hopes to someday visit all of the places that are home to the TLDs on our list! What's on your travel list for 2013? Tell us in the comments.

Photo is courtesy of Visit Isle of Man, a great resource for anyone planning a trip to the Isle of Man.

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Mar 21, 2013 11:00pm
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