X Marks the Spot - Find Your Domain Treasure
in Our Pending Delete Domains

Robyn Norgan
Dec 6, 2012

Have you ever heard the phrase "one person's trash is another person's treasure"? This saying is true in many respects, including the domain industry, where another person's domain trash might just be your domain treasure! But where do you find this domain treasure? While we may not be able to offer you a map with an X marking your perfect domain treasure, what we can offer you is a search bar in the Pending Delete Domains section of our website.

Pending delete domains are domains that were registered, but whose registration has recently lapsed. Interested domain "treasure hunters" can place what is known as a drop catch or a backorder on the domain to try and claim it as their own. Our drop catching service allows us to try to grab the domain as soon as it's released to the general public for registration.

Here is a peek at some great holiday themed (though holiday in this case is really more "vacation" themed) pending delete domains listed on our site right now: (my favorite!)

This is just a small fraction of what is listed on our site because currently we have over 300,000 pending delete domain listings (as of today). And to make it easier for you to find your domain treasure, we not only have a search bar, but we also have an advanced search option. Our advanced search allows you to narrow your search by TLD (only .COM and .NET are available for drop catch), monthly traffic estimates, IDNs, number of characters, and whether the domain includes hyphens or numbers. You can also adjust the way the list is sorted and even download the list in a CSV file. What are you waiting for? Search our pending delete domains now to find your domain treasure!

Once you've found your domain treasure, you can submit a backorder request. Please note that there are a few requirements to submit a backorder request. Once the request is submited we will do our best to catch the domain for you, though we cannot guarantee it as we are often competiting with other registrars for the same domain. Also, if there is more than one backorder request on the same domain, we hold a three day private auction that allows the customers who placed a backorder to bid on the domain. The starting bid is always $5 over the registration price and is automatically placed for the customer who placed the first backorder.

If we catch the domain for you and you are the only backorder request, an order will automatically be created using your default marketplace payment method (which must be set up prior to submitting a backorder request, see the requirements to submit a backorder request for more details). If you are instead invited to a three day private auction, you can place bids right from your Dynadot account through our proxy bidding service. If you are the only backorder request or the winner of a three day private auction you must pay for the order that is created or you will be automatically banned from submitting future backorders on pending delete domains and participating in our expired auctions, and the domain will be released to the general public.

Post by Robyn Norgan