Take 50% off .LA Domains Until the End of Year!

Robyn Norgan
Nov 9, 2012

Have you heard about a little domain called .LA? It's one of our newest domains - we welcomed it to our Dynadot family back in August - and now we're introducing our first .LA domain sale! Take 50% off new 1 year .LA domain registrations with our awesome coupon code GETURLA until the end of the year (12/31/12 23:59 PDT to be exact)!

But why, you ask? Well one reason is the potential for fun .LA are some examples: (& the .COM is available too!)

These are just a few examples (and yes, is also available), but hopefully you get the idea. All you need is some creativity and you'll have yourself a fabulous .LA domain (and did I mention at 50% off?)! But this isn't the only reason to register your .LA domain name...

The .LA domain has been adopted by none other than the city of, well duh, LA! So whether you're a local or just trying to target the Los Angeles market, registering your .LA domain will let customers know you're open for business in their backyard. It can also be used for websites for its home country of Laos, as well as the US state of Louisiana (whose postal code just happens to be LA) and Latin America.

Not from any of those places? Well let me throw in one more: Liverpool, England. One of our awesome customers tells us that the word "laa" means mate, buddy, or pal to locals. How do I know this to be true? Don't worry I double checked with Urban Dictionary, so register a .LA domain name for you and your mate today (afterall it's 50% off - it's like 2 for 1)!

Author Robyn Norgan drinking from cocktail
This post is written by Robyn Norgan, who is planning to register her favorite fun .LA domain if you don't beat her to it. Well of course it's, how did you know?