.IM for You

Robyn Norgan
Nov 19, 2012

First, the good news: The .IM domain is open to everyone!

Second, the better news: there are lots of .IM domains still available, so you'll be able to find the domain name you really want.

Third, the best news: .IM domains are on sale for just $8.99 for new 1 year registrations until the end of the year*!

If you're looking for a unique domain for your personal website, look no further. A .IM domain will go perfectly with your name because .IM stands for "I'm." And depending on your name, you may be able to find Okay, so maybe not the Ashleys and the Daniels of the world, but if your name is...oh I don't know...robyn, you may just find that is available (which is true)! If your first name is on the unique side or features an unusual spelling, chances are that it will still be available in the .IM domain (and you may notice that in some cases that is the only domain it is available in). So what are you waiting for? Try your chances and find your next .IM domain!

*Sale ends 12/31/12 23:59 PST

Post by Robyn Norgan