You've Heard of Smartphones,
Well We've Got Smart Folders!

Robyn Norgan
Oct 26, 2012

You're probably (and by probably I mean definitely) familiar with a smartphone. Now let us introduce you to a smart folder. What is a smart folder you ask? A smart folder gives you a way to set whois records, change name server settings, set renew options, and set transfer locks for a group of domains in your Dynadot account, but basically it helps you organize your domains.

If you have a large portfolio of domains, you likely have several different "types" of domains - maybe some personal, business, parked, for sale, and more. Now you can keep better track of your domains by organizing them into corresponding folders. Make sure you don't lose your personal domains by putting them in folders that are set to auto-renew. Place all of the domains you'd like to park into the same folder and easily set your name servers for all your domains at once. Have all of your business domains in one folder so you can change the default whois for those domains only. You can also choose to organize your domains by TLD, creating separate folders for your .COM domains, .NET domains, .ORG domains, and more!

Even if you don't have a lot of domains in your Dynadot account, if you have a few different ones that are similar, for example a few business domains and a few personal domains, using smart folders can be very helpful. In this case, you can set up two folders - one for each type of domain - so that all of your business domains can have the same whois and all your personal domains can be set to auto-renew. These are just a few examples, but hopefully we've made you more aware of this great service. After all, we created these smart folders for you! We may not be able to help you organize your home, but at least we can help you organize your domains' home.

Need help getting started with smart folders? Check out these help files:

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Post by Robyn Norgan