.IM Your Ticket to Fun!

Robyn Norgan
Oct 19, 2012

.IM is one of many ccTLDs that is open for anyone to register. This has given rise to the use of fun domain hacks that spell words using the TLD, for example "," and the .IM domain is no exception. If you do a google search of words ending in im, there are many great words that come up such as him, swim, aim, trim, and more. Although domains such as,,, and are already taken, that doesn't mean you can't find a fun domain using these words and the .IM domain that are still available. For example: - Both are perfect for a dating site geared towards women! - Harry Potter fans anyone? - is taken, but these aren't! - These four fun domains would be great for a weight loss or fitness company! - These last four are great for sports sites!

Already have an established dating, weight loss, or sports site? Make one of the .IM domain hacks above your custom short link! Your current link may be too long for Twitter, but a short link will be just right. A custom short link is a great way to build a personal or business brand - learn how to brand your website with a custom short link today!

Register your fun .IM domain hack for our sale price of $8.99 for new 1 year registrations! Our sale price is only available until the end of the year, 12/31/12 23:59 PDT, so don't delay - especially since the fun .IM domain hacks above may go fast!

Don't see your perfect .IM domain name above? Get creative! Check out for word ideas for your next domain (or your next Scrabble game)! Then check out our TLD page for more inspiration - afterall .IM isn't the only domain that you can use to create fun domain names! Psst...see our post about fun domain names for .ME!

Post by Robyn Norgan