Ahoy Mateys 'Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Robyn Norgan
Sep 19, 2012

Find the map t' the treasure below if ye be a worthy buccaneer!

Talk like a pirate day is me favorite holiday. I have already set me Facebook arrrcount's tongue to "English (Pirate)" to celebrate. If ye be wantin' to change yer Facebook tongue, go ter "Ye Ship's Rigging" (Arrrcount Settin's) and you can change ye tongue on the "General Arrrcount Settin's" page. Then go to ye "Home Port" to update yer plundering', so yer scallywags and all that may spy upon ye will know what be troublin' ye.

Now that ye be a true pirate on Facebook, ye can celebrate talk like a pirate day with a premium pirate domain of yer own: - arrr personal favorite

All arrr available now, so register ye favorite premium domain now before any other scallywags do!

Arrr ye a true pirate? Follow arrr treasure map t' find a bit o' booty for ye! Only t' first 10 pirates be gettin' t' treasure, so don't delay!

Pirate Day Domain Treasure MapX marks t' spot on t' place where ye get help with yer Dynadot arrrcount and search fer
"where to enter yer coupon code."

Need a hint?

Talk like a pirate day
This post be scrawl'd by Cap'n Robyn Norgan & if ye don't be likin' it then ye can walk the plank t' Davy Jones locker!