Things to Consider When Registering
a New Domain Name

Robyn Norgan
Aug 22, 2012

So you've purchased a new domain name – congratulations! Now even before you get your website started there are some things to consider. Whether you've chosen a general top-level domain (TLD) such as .COM or a country code TLD such as .IN, you will want to consider also registering common misspellings of your domain name as well as registering your domain name with additional TLDs.

If the domain name you registered was for your company, registering additional domain names and redirecting their traffic to your main site is especially important. Making a small investment in additional TLDs now can pay off in the long run when you avoid having to deal with a Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution (UDRP) later. Plus you won't lose people searching for you under the wrong name, such as "dinadot" instead of "dynadot" (and yes we own

Registering certain TLDs can protect your brand while serving a specific purpose for your website. For example, registering a .ORG is a great place for your organization's charity website. A .TV domain lets customers know where to look for your company's videos. And .TEL can serve as your "contact us" page, each .TEL even comes with an easy integration tool for your website. For any additional TLDs you purchase, you can easily redirect them to your main website or a page on your main website right in your Dynadot account. This is called "domain forwarding" and instructions on setting up domain forwarding can be found in our help files.

Investing in your domain name on additional TLDs can also be a great way to target specific audiences. If your company is international, you can register your domain name under different country codes or you can register a more regional domain such as .EU or .ASIA. If you are planning to do this, "stealth forwarding" is a great option to get those customers to your website. Stealth forwarding is similar to domain forwarding except that the domain name stays the same in the web browser's URL bar instead of being replaced by the new page's domain name. For example, if you are stealth forwarding to, the person who searched for will still see even though they are on actually on You can easily set up stealth forwarding in your Dynadot account. Please note that there are some drawbacks to stealth forwarding.

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Post by Robyn Norgan

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