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Afternic DLS Dynadot Partnership
Dynadot Partners with Afternic DLS
Robyn Norgan
Aug 28, 2012 • 1 min read

We are happy to announce that Dynadot is now a proud Afternic DLS (Domain Listing Service) partner. Afternic is the leading marketplace for premium domain sales. The Afternic marketplace services more than 65 million searches per month. Afternic has more than 5.5 million high-quality premium domains for sale, nearly half of which are eligible for fast transfer.

When you set up Afternic DLS your domains will be listed for sale in their marketplace. Listing your domain in their marketplace gives you access to 35 million qualified buyers across over 90 partner sites worldwide! And your Dynadot listed domains will be Fast Transfer-eligible, so once the domain is sold it can be transferred to your buyer almost instantly.

Afternic makes it easy to list your Dynadot domain for sale. All you need to do is log in to your Afternic account, add the domains you'd like to sell, set the promotion level to "DSL Premium," and set the sale price. On the Dynadot side, you will need to confirm in your account by clicking "Set Afternic" and then "Confirm Afternic" next to the domain you are selling. Please note that it make take a few days for your domain to be active in Afternic DLS.

For more information, see our help file on how to set up Afternic DLS, so you can get started selling your domains faster today!

Learn more about Afternic on their website at

Post by Robyn Norgan

Comments (2)
Aug 29, 2012 11:23am
Where is Afternic? How do I find them? It would help if you would give us an address for them. Thanks. Ed
1 Reply
Aug 29, 2012 11:27am
Afternic's website is A link has been added above.