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Dynadot Celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day
Dynadot Celebrates "Take Your Dog to Work Day," Everyday!
Robyn Norgan
Jun 22, 2012 • 3 min read

Take your dog to work day is today, June 22, but we at Dynadot have to ask, "why bring your dog to work just one day a year?" According to a Virginia Commonwealth University study, bringing your dog to work reduces the stress of the owner and increases the job satisfaction of all employees. It is a win-win situation for everyone and Dynadot is proud to be a dog friendly office.

We are lucky enough to have three awesome "dynadogs" that frequent our office. Now, meet the lovely ladies of Dynadot!



Meet Gracie

Dynadot Take Your Dog to Work Day Dynadot Take Your Dog to Work Day

Hi I'm Gracie and I'm a 5-year-old Yorkie Pomeranian mix who loves jerky bites. I am the guard dog here at Dynadot HQ. My daily duties include taking attendance, announcing the mail, and scaring the water delivery man. On my days off I love laying in sunbeams, going to the beach, and snuggling with my humans. Follow me on twitter for my latest Dynadot HQ updates: @Gracie_Dynadog.





Meet Leela

Dynadot Take Your Dog to Work Day Dynadot Take Your Dog to Work Day

Hi I'm Leela and I'm a pit bull mix that ended up at the Contra Costa County Animal Shelter. I came in as a stray at about 2 years old and I used to be named Pepper. When my fur-dad met me, we hit if off instantly and I was already willing to do commands for him such as sit and lay down. After I settled into my new home, I quickly learned new commands including stay, high five, touch, and dead dog. I love eating, sleeping, going for walks, chew toys, and cardboard boxes. One of my favorite activities is coming to the Dynadot office. The first thing I do is run around at full speed greeting everyone!





Meet Foxy

Dynadot Take Your Dog to Work Day Dynadot Take Your Dog to Work Day

Hi I'm Foxy Brown and I'm a furry Chihuahua, maybe Papillion "ninja." I'm four years old and I like people and food and belly rubs! I especially like people who rub my belly while giving me food. If you have food, then you are my new favorite person and I want to meet you! I love coming in to the Dynadot office because I get tons of belly rubs from all the employees.

Is your office dog friendly? If you're considering it and need more information, here is another article from Time Healthland about "How 'Bring Your Dog to Work' Days Could Lower Stress". Tell us - did you bring your dog to work today?

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who wishes she could bring her cats to work, though she knows they would just sit on her keyboard all day being "helpful."



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