LinkedIn Launches New iPad App

Robyn Norgan
May 1, 2012

As someone who has both an iPhone and an iPad, I am often disappointed by the lack of great apps that work for both. The iPhone, of course, has a much better selection of apps – over 500,000 in fact according to Apple's website. Luckily the iPad is catching up as companies like Facebook and now LinkedIn come out with official iPad apps.

The app appears very similar to the iPhone app in look and feel. It features three main sections: All Updates, You, and Inbox. The All Updates includes everything from news to posts from your connections to group posts. It is visually appealing and easy to scroll through many different posts. The You section is just that – your profile. Unfortunately you can't make an edits to your profile via the app, but you can share an update. Finally the inbox let's you easily access your messages as well as send messages to your connections. It actually has a very similar feel to the Mail app that comes with the iPad.

The app does feature something that you don't get from - a calendar sync feature. The feature pulls information from your calendar, showing your meetings and any attendee LinkedIn profiles. This can be great to use as you head into meetings, especially if you don't know the attendees well. One thing to be aware of is the invite button. It is easy to use yes, but maybe too much - one click and an invite is immediately sent even if just bumped it with your finger.

Something I noticed is that although LinkedIn is becoming a great place for companies to connect with their customers, there seems to be no way to see any company pages or even posts from a company page via the app. You can't even search for companies since the search bar seems to default to people only. This is something I hope they will change since more and more people are using mobile.

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This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who loves her iPad and can't wait to see more apps come out for it!

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May 4, 2012 3:41pm
Here is more information on how to sync your calendar with LinkedIn's new iPad app: