DynaPoints, Belts and Badges

DynaPoints are points accrued through being an active Dynadot community member. Earn points and badges by participating in our community. It is meant to be a fun way to encourage you to participate in our community and share your knowledge. Get involved, earn point, earn badges, and best of all earn prizes!

+1Your forum response was upvoted
+1Giving a forum post an upvote (2pt daily max)
+1Translate a string with 1-20 words
+2Translate a string with 21-50 words
+3Create a new forum topic (6pt daily max)
+3Respond to a forum question (12 pt daily max)
+3Your forum response was endorsed by a staff member
+10Write a guest blog post (if selected). Submit it to marketing@dynadot.com
Belt RankingNameDescriptionUnlock
White BeltDon't worry young DynaNinja, with hard work and dedication you can achieve DynaNinja greatness. Remember patience is a virtue and knowledge is power. Your time will come sooner than your renewal period.0-9 points
Yellow BeltHiya! You have made it to the next level. You have mastered the basics. Your domain knowledge is better than the average user. The next level will push you closer to being the ultimate DynaNinja - keep with it before your knowledge is Grace Deleted!10-24 points
Orange BeltYou must use our stealth forwarding as you made it to the next DynaNinja belt! DynaNinjas know the value of Stealth and DNS.
Prize: $1 off coupon*
25-49 points
Green BeltIncredible, You're a green belt! Gyakuzuki (reverse punch)! Just like creating a Whois you know how to look one up!
Prize: Dynadot shot glass*
50-99 points
Blue BeltYou are on your way from student to Sensei! Only 4 more belts to becoming an Ultimate DynaNinja! Might be time to brush up on your HTML- time to kick it up a notch!
Prize: Dynadot Sunglasses*
100-199 points
Red BeltI'm sensing great Chi from you young warrior. You have the patience and quickness to drop-catch with the best of them. This harmony is necessary to become the Ultimate DynaNinja.
Prize: $5 account credit*
200-499 points
Purple BeltYour next strike was strong! Almost as strong as our domain security. This is a foundation of a great DynaNinja, protector of domains. Two more levels to go.
Prize: Free .COM domain*
500-799 points
Brown BeltYou have surpassed many boundaries throughout this journey. Your knowledge and power have you one step away from being a Master DynaNinja. Get ready to register your name into greatness!
Prize: $15 Account Credit*
800-999 points
Black BeltYOU ARE A MASTER DYNANINJA! You are among an elite few that know the ins and outs of the Dynadot fortress. You are the ultimate protector of domains. Now use your power for good!
Prize: Dynadot t-shirt*
1000+ points

*To claim your prize please email PR@dynadot.com with your forum name, user name, and shipping address.
Bonus BadgesNameDescriptionUnlock
ShurikenAh, you are a sharp one I see. Maybe you were born to be a DynaNinja star!3 forum responses in 1 week
Shuriken WarriorTriple threat! Your opponents should hide behind their domain privacy.3 Shuriken Badges
NunchucksYour hand combat is with the best. You can hand register with the best of them!3 endorsed answers
KatanaThe ultimate DynaNinja requires the ultimate weapon - sharp and quick like our API.Top contributor of the month