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Sunday Punday on a Hilarious Holiday: It's Scrabble Day!

Condescending Literary Pun Dog Meme - Scrabble Day Sunday Punday

Today is the day we celebrate everyone's favorite word game, Scrabble! If you have a game board, you should break it out today and play. Did you know that Scrabble celebrated it's 65th birthday last year in 2013? Here are some other fun facts about Scrabble:

Scrabble was invented by Alfred Butts, who wanted to create a word game that combined crossword puzzles, anagrams, and chance.

The original name for Scrabble was Lexico. The game was later renamed Scrabble, which means "to grope frantically."

Alfred Butts used the New York Times to help him figure out the frequency and point values of each letter. For example, he discovered that E was the most frequently used vowel.

Today, Scrabble is produced in 29 different languages as well as braille and low vision versions.

The Guinness world record for the most Scrabble games played simultaneously was 521 games by 1,042 players. It was organized by Northland Secondary School, Mattel South East Asia, and Schools Scrabble Club in Singapore.

So, now you're probably wondering how Scrabble can help you find a great domain name! Well, obviously it helps with the creative word skills you sometimes need to come up with an idea for an available domain name, but it's also helpful with coming up with domain hacks! A domains hack is a domain that combines the domain name with the top-level domain (TLD) to spell out a word or saying such as ComeWith.ME or Aweso.ME.

If you're looking to register a fun domain hack, a helpful website to use is ScrabbleFinder.com. Scrabble Finder is great for cheating, er, helping with Scrabble and great for helping you figure out what words end in me for example. It even organizes the words by length! So, if you're looking for a word ending in me, us, ws, in, at, or any other TLD, I recommend using Scrabble Finder to help you come up with and register your next perfect domain hack!

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Posted Sunday, April 13, 2014 by Robyn Norgan


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