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2014's New TLDs & Release Dates

New TLDs in 2014 - New TLD Release Dates - Dynadot TLD Release Dates

Many of these new TLDs are available for preorder! Preorder now!

Here it is everyone! For those of you who have been patiently awaiting more information regarding the new TLDs and their release dates, we've got all the info you need in this amazingly lengthy timeline. As you can see, we've got quite a long list of TLDs to remember, so set yourself up for domain success and mark your calendars with the TLD release dates you're most looking forward to! Don't see the TLD for you? Check out our full list of TLDs!

Want to see what's launching in 2015? Check out our 2015 new TLD launch timeline and find the right TLD for you!

Dynadot New TLDs in 2014 - New TLD Release Dates - Dynadot TLD Release Dates

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Originally posted Monday, March 10, 2014 by Kathleen Borg - The TLD timeline is updated as we are given new dates or as dates change.


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